What's in the box Ep.3 Mickey Disney 10 Tee pack

Open up this 10 piece pack from our Mickey Disney Category! It's just like going to the thrift store or rummaging through piles of clothes you never know what you will get.. Check it out as Ryan goes through each piece, the finds were amazing as always!

Walt Disney would be proud to see his most famous creations on these quality vintage tees. Expect to find a lot of Mickey tees with other classic Disney characters from the 80s-00s. May also contain a small percentage of famous Cartoon characters such as Looney tunes.

Thrift Vintage Fashion is here for all your wholesale supplying needs. With literal TONS of bales coming weekly to our Miami based warehouse we can fulfill your 5-10-25-50 piece pack of any of our categories, any time!

Mixed sizes S-XL with a small percent XS and XXL+
NOT LAUNDERED may have small washable stains (we recommend washing before wearing)
Grade A with up to %15 Grade B (minor holes and washable stains)
Shipped in 3-5 business days.


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