Return Policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges on merchandise due to dissatisfaction with styles or fitWe suggest trying small quantities before ordering larger quantities to make sure the quality suits your needs. This is the used clothing industry and there is no such thing as perfect product. We allow for up to 15% grade B in each mix, including minor holes or permanent stains. Washable stains are also included in orders as we do not wash any garments.

With that being said, its always been our policy to do the right thing when we make a mistake such as sending too many damaged items or sending the wrong category. These cases are very rare but we are human and can make mistakes. If you feel your order has significantly more than 15% damaged items or you received the wrong category, simply contact us with photos of the entire mix that was sent. We will always make it right as our reputation and customer satisfaction will alway be our top priority. We will not accept ANY returns or exchanges past 30 days.

Canceling orders that have already been packed are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Orders returned without permission will also incur a 10% restocking fee.