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Top of the Pile: Hard Rock Cafe

No matter where you are on Planet Earth, there is a rockin’ destination you can trust will give you a wild night, filled with good tunes, cool people, and famous merchandise. The Hard Rock Cafe is an institution, jam-packed with legendary tales of rockstars and celebrities. Across 74 countries, Hard Rock Cafe has a reputation for being its own Museum of Cool. And in its 185 cafes, 25 hotels, and 12 casinos, the Hard Rock Cafe logo is emblazoned larger than life. Spot it from a mile away and you know right away - you’re in for a ride.

Hard Rock Cafe has long been established as a lasting brand, and with its loyal fans and the instant recognition of its logo, their merchandise have developed a fame all its own. That’s no surprise when the likes of Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney gave the institution its blessing by donating the first piece of rock’n’roll memorabilia (Clapton’s guitar) and performing the first Hard Rock Cafe concert (thank you, Sir Paul).

There is a history and reputation to this brand that is unmatched. Everyone knows that to walk in the doors of any Hard Rock Cafe in the world means coming face to face with dazzling displays of costumes, musical instruments, cars and motorcycles, and famous movie props. Some of the most unique items from Hollywood blockbusters and the most epic concerts of all time can be found in their inventory.

What is the most memorable thing to come from Hard Rock Cafe? The shirts! The shirts featured their iconic logo and developed a huge following independent of the drinks and dining experience. People were coming from all over to snag a shirt, and it was a surprise out of left field to the owners.

It was the artwork of Alan Aldridge and the legacy of musical geniuses that drove this tshirt obsession. Aldridge’s artwork had been commissioned by the Beatles, Elton John, and The Who, to name a few. His work is unmistakable and highly identifiable. The owners of Hard Rock Cafe, Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, wanted their London cheeseburger joint to have the feel of classic Americana, mirroring the design of the Chevrolet logo. And the rest is history!

As a destination on the bucket lists of millions of tourists, Hard Rock Cafe is filled with memories and memorabilia that we just can’t get enough of. Their iconic tshirt is considered the most famous tshirt in modern history. The shirt, like the brand, is a thing of legend. It’s a blank slate for autographs, a souvenir from your favorite cities in the world, and a great memory you can wear anywhere and be recognized.

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