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Top of the Pile: Pro Sports

Just do it.” When it comes to making the shot against the buzzer, scoring the goal against all odds, or running for the touchdown in the final seconds on the clock, you can’t stop and think about it - you just have to DO IT.  The greatest moments in sports history were made with intuition, brawn, and skill. And boy do we love crowding the sidelines to watch as the world competes with each other. 

Every country, city, and town in the world loves competitive sports and wants to proclaim their allegiance far and wide. We show our regional loyalty in many ways - shirts, caps, banners, bumper stickers, the whole nine. Sports commentators and analysts on every major channel showcase coaching skills and revel in the players’ peak physical performance. We cheer on our home team, bask in the camaraderie, and wear our favorite team logos to show our support and rep our town. 



And it’s not just American as apple pie - our US sports teams are cheered all around the globe. Whether it’s the NHL Stanley Cup, the NFL Superbowl, the NBA Finals, or the MLB World Series, there are fans from sea to shining sea that follow and support American professional sports teams. The madness is not limited to March - if you’re a sports fan, your entire year is jam-packed with games, playoffs, tryouts, trades, drafts, the list goes on. Screaming in the stands, shouting at the tv in the sports bar, or gathered silently around an AM radio, fans of pro sports go all out, year round, to support their favorite teams. 

Sportswear is no passing trend, and the demand for quality designs keeps us busy filling orders big and small, including wholesale orders for domestic and international clientele. At Thrift Vintage Fashion, our Thrift Experts hand select your order from our vast collection of vintage and retro designs. You get one-of-a-kind styles to boost your wardrobe or entice your customers. Our bundle packs will even include some popular college teams. And to sweeten the deal, the more you buy, the more you save! For international orders, you’ll also save on shipping costs with our larger bundles.  



We curated a selection of pro sports shirts and sweatshirts for both individuals and stores looking to stock unique, bold graphics on well-kept vintage sports shirts from major brands. There’s history here. Pro sports clothing will never go out of style as long as football, baseball, hockey, and basketball games are still played on our fields and in our stadiums. Tap into a strong market by giving your customers the clothing they’ll love to discover - featuring teams like the Broncos, Lakers, Steelers, from cities like Kansas City, Miami, and San Francisco, to massive sporting events including playoffs, championship games, and tournaments. 


The sports fan is a consumer like no other, and will do anything to announce to the world the players they support. You’ve got what it takes to get in on this massive industry by offering pro sports, vintage clothing to your customers. As Wayne Gretzsky famously said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So get your Thrift Vintage Fashion order in today and score big!

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