If you spend more than $1,000 dollars with us, you’ll be automatically invited to join our Loyalty Club where your business will be rewarded with exclusive perks and additional savings.

Swap unsold items with new product  

First things first… It’s impossible for any retail business to guarantee that all products will sell. That being said, TVF recognizes that our product does play a role in your resale success and give our valued repeat customers additional opportunities to succeed. With this in mind, Loyalty Club members have the opportunity to “swap” up to 20% of your TVF orders if they go unsold after a 60 day period.

How the swap program works 

  • If you are unable to move our product after 60 days TVF will “swap” up to 20% of your order. To initiate a swap, please contact HELP@THRIFTVINTAGEFASHION.COM and provide your order number.
  • Only eligible for orders 25 pieces and up 
  • You will only be charged for the cost of shipping the product back to our warehouse. TVF will cover the cost of the new product and shipping the new product back to you. 

Dedicated Concierge Service 

Loyalty Club members are assigned a dedicated Concierge and receive custom solutions for their individual sourcing needs. This White Glove service shares exclusive inventory updates with LC members, and grants repeat customers with “first access” to top-selling categories that are newly stocked, and special access to specialty categories that are not publicly available on our website.

Points with every purchase 

Once enrolled in our Loyalty Club, customers will receive $100 off for every $1000 spent. Thrift Vintage Fashion will track your spending automatically, and your concierge will update you when additional savings are unlocked.