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      Thrift Vintage Fashion is a platform for vintage lovers worldwide to shop by specific categories by size. We also offer wholesale bundles for stores big and small to get deeper discounts when buying mixed sizes and larger quantities.

      Unlike most other wholesalers in the industry, we keep a completely “pick-free” warehouse, not allowing any handpicking in our operation. By keeping the pickers out, we are able to maintain the same value and consistency with every order, gaining the trust and continued business from hundreds of stores worldwide. We have a tight knit team of experienced vintage specialists picking and packing orders for over 10 years. 



      Since the early 1990’s, our parent company Wholesale Vintage Fashion remains the largest distributor of vintage Levi’s and wholesale vintage clothing within the USA. Throughout the years we have developed long-term relationships with the worlds top vintage retailers and wholesalers, gaining insight and buying power into current and future vintage fashion trends. With multiple warehouses spanning throughout the US and Latin America, we are able to supply high volume orders for the most in demand vintage styles in over 100 different categories. Top categories include: vintage Levi’s, vintage Levis shorts, vintage tees, vintage western shirts, vintage windbreakers, vintage leather jackets, vintage army, vintage Christmas sweaters, and vintage overalls, flannel, pro sports merchandise and much, much more!

      See video below for more info on Wholesale Vintage Fashion.