Top Of The Pile: Harley Davidson

Top Of The Pile: Harley Davidson

There’s an old saying: “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a Harley and that’s the same thing.” No matter what corner of the world you live in, you know Harley. Everyone recognizes the classic style, the legend of its brand, and the reputation of its wearers. The logo is everywhere, and the brand is unmatched in badassery. It’s clear that bikers and non-bikers alike love and respect the empire - and aren’t falling out of love with all things burly biker anytime soon. Sons of Anarchy might be over, but our Harley love affair isn’t!

When you think about it, Harley isn’t just an American institution. It’s gone worldwide and represents an entire subculture that can now be found on every continent. Store Owners everywhere are finding that their Harley customer base appeals to all age groups, genders, and styles. Everyone loves this legendary brand, synonymous with bravery, brawn, and too-cool-for-school Americana.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, or maybe you’re in charge of buying for a cool thrift shop, or maybe you rework vintage threads into new fashion creations. No matter what, you’ve got to keep your bottom line in mind at all times. When you’re buying in wholesale and bulk, you want to know that your stock is going to move, and quickly. It’s always a wise business decision to buy more, save more, and at Thrift Vintage Fashion you’ll see real savings when buying our quantity packs. Harley gear moves fast in any industry, but in the used, vintage, and thrifted clothing world, Harley is a constant big seller and we’ve got the goods!

Give your customers what they want with classic Americana designs from our massive stock of Harley shirts. We handpick your order to include quality items featuring a varied mix of retro Harley graphics, slogans, logos, branded designs, and so much more. We also include a small amount of Bike Week and Sturgis brand shirts along with some of our more distressed looks. We mix it up and provide you with exciting new inventory for your customers.

Our clientele agrees, Harley is a sure thing. This fast-moving inventory will make your customers keep coming back for more. As a buyer, proprietor, shop manager, or business owner, you know your demographic best. And you know that there’s nothing better for business than excited, motivated customers who are shopping, sharing, and tagging. You beam with pride when you watch the clothing fly off the shelf because you know, your customers are happy and so is your bottom line. The Harley collection is profitable, popular, and will complement your current collections or beef up your inventory.

So what can you expect from a wholesale Harley order at Thrift Vintage Fashion? We offer various quantity packs and in the mix you’ll find Harley tees from the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. We include all t-shirt styles, including short sleeve, long sleeve, and tank tops. These graphic Harley tees don’t ever go out of style, and we’re confident you’ll be just as excited as your customers. Give us a test drive and you’ll see - just like Harley, we rock!


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