Top of the Pile: Cartoon/Characters

Top of the Pile: Cartoon/Characters

Sssshh… Be vewwy quiet… we’re thrifting for vintage tees! 

At Thrift Vintage Fashion, we have dedicated an entire collection to the loveable, animated friends that filled our childhoods. Cartoon characters raised many of us into the amazing adults we are, lighting up our Saturday mornings with endless laughs and giggles, and teaching us valuable lessons along the way. Whether Space Jam was your most-watched flick, or you couldn’t get enough of Tom chasing Jerry, we’ve got you covered. 

And the fun doesn’t end there! We keep it going - ranging our collection from sitcom favorites like The Simpsons, to Batman, Betty Boop, and all our friends from Cartoon Network. Do you miss Taz the Tasmanian Devil? Does Tweety Bird have a soft spot in your heart? We understand that nostalgia is a powerful thing. Our memories of childhood moments are important - like, who was on our lunchbox or bookbag we lugged to school each day. We didn’t just like cartoons, oh no… we LOVED them.



From the early 60’s and onward, talented animation teams, writers, and voice actors brought us some of the funniest and friendliest sitcoms and cartoon friends a kid could ask for. And it’s not just from Warner Brothers, Merrie Melodies, Nickelodeon, or Looney Tunes. If you’ve been watching Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson from the very beginning, you’ll know that these characters become familiar, comfortable… like family. It’s a rare person that doesn’t crack a smile at the accidental bravery of Scooby Doo and Shaggy. Or the fierce (haha) warrior that is Elmer Fudd leading the charge against Bugs Bunny to the epic opera, The Ride of the Valkyries. 

So many kids at heart continue their appreciation of these animated favorites well into their later life. It’s cool to be nostalgic. It’s hip to be silly. And with these retro and vintage threads, you can have FUN with your wardrobe. Dress it down for comfort and relaxation while watching cartoons on the tube, or dress it up and bring some funny and ironic flair to your outfit. 


We’ve got vintage, one-of-a-kind designs just waiting for their forever home. Our Thrift Experts handpick these designs, and when you order a bundle we put in extra love and attention to make sure you’re getting a varied, unique selection of vintage t-shirts. So if you’re looking to bring something playful into your closet, or want to stock the racks of your own thrift shop with classic designs, you’ve come to the right place. 

The characters we’ve known and loved for generations come alive again when you pull on these vintage tees. Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, Sylvester and Tweety, they’ve been chasing each other for decades, just trying to get your attention. Yes, you! There’s a whole world of joy and hilarity in each piece in our Cartoons & Characters collection. We’re giving quality, secondhand clothing a new life in a way that’s safe for future generations and our environment. It’s a commitment we’ve made as a company, and we’re excited for the response we’ve received from our customers. Thank you for being nostalgic with us. That’s all, folks!






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