Top of the Pile: Army / Military

Top of the Pile: Army / Military

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For generations, military families, civil servants, and committed community members have dedicated their lives to the American dream. This is what they fight for - the freedom to be an individual and the right to live life to its fullest. Now you can wear the most recognizable names in the world: ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, AIR FORCE. There’s no corner of the world that doesn’t know our name. 


America’s armed forces have a presence all across the globe, and so does military attire. The uniforms and insignias of the world’s militaries have informed runway and mainstream fashion for generations. Whether it’s combat boots on metal heads, or camouflage shorty shorts on Spring Break, we’re pretty sure you know someone rocking aviator sunglasses and a flight jacket a la Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

The United States military symbols, insignias, and imagery have long been printed on clothing for civilian use. Whether you choose to place a flag outside your porch, or a supportive bumper sticker on your car, it’s a tradition embraced by millions to support our troops. It doesn’t have to be about representing your political views, but it’s always about showing your support. And it’s not just military families that show their support, it’s also civilians, community leaders, local businesses, and schools. 


Maybe you hit up your local Army & Navy store for a pair of utilitarian boots or a pea coat with brass buttons. Perhaps you like these styles for the statement they make, or you want to emulate the individuals that fight for our freedom. Maybe you just really like how many pockets come in a standard issue set of battle fatigues! No matter the reason, Thrift Vintage Fashion has got you covered. 

We’re all about providing our customers with these unique tees that feature military imagery and symbols. Did you know? Fashion has always been inspired by military trends, current events, and historical figures. Yves Saint Laurent introduced his infamous pea coat in the 1960s and it sparked a huge trend of military-inspired fashion, from exquisite regalia to utilitarian cargo pants with a dozen pockets. Hippies even donned these grungy army fashions as a political statement. But it didn’t begin or end there. 


Today, you can find camouflage on everything from sneakers to water bottles. That special shade of olive green? Those gold and silver buttons creating a neat and tidy appearance on your long, structured winter coat? They didn’t come from nowhere - they came from classic military uniforms and attire. It’s not limited to fatigues or boots, it’s also the accessories like sunglasses and hats, to medallions and emblems sewed into functional styles. 

Thrift Vintage Fashion has curated a collection of military tees that can fit everyone’s style, making it easy to create an outfit that’s cool, collected, and kickass. Add these strong statement pieces to your footlocker and rep your homeland and American soil everyday. Be all you can be, and wear what you want! After all, style is your right as an American. 

P.S. Feel free to request more of a certain military branch in the checkout notes!


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