How to Make a Halter Top

The Halter Top is such an easy statement piece. Preserve the awesome graphic of a shirt while creating a whole new style from it. 5 easy steps to follow and you'll be feeling like your own tailor. Great to pair with some shorts or your fave pants, so many ways to incorporate in or start an outfit.

Step 1: Outline the back straps of the halter top with your tailors chalk. Step 2: Cut out the outline of the back straps. Step 3: Outline the Neck straps with your tailors chalk. Step 4: Trim the neck of the tee to a more comfortable fit of your preference. Step 5: Test the straps and make necessary adjustments for a perfect fit.

Once you've mastered how to make Halter Tops there are so many variations on this method. You might find yourself wanting to experiment with our Thrashed and Stained category. In this we offer t-shirts ready to be upcycle that are too worn for regular wear. Some of them are gems and are perfect for a second life reworked as a new piece.
This is such a great way to be part of the sustainability movement, giving these great pieces a new life. Recycling fabric that has years and years more to give rather than letting it to a landfill. Some might worry about how to clean thrifted clothing that has been through a lot but most of the time it's easy. Some spot cleaning with vinegar and a good wash cycle will do the trick. When a stain or dirt won't budge stronger detergents or bleach can take out almost any stain.

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