Bulk Wholesale NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL & College Sports Mix

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Bulk Wholesale NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL and College Sports Mix

This mix includes a variety of NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL Sports and college merch, mostly styles that do not fall within t-shirts and sweatshirts category. Expect to find college and sports-related pullovers, jackets, fleece, button-up shirts, polos, etc. This bundle is sold by the pound. In a 50lb mystery box, you can find roughly 55-60  pieces, a 100lb mystery box 112- 120 pieces, and a 200lb mystery box roughly 207-215 pieces.

Expect a good mix of vintage and retro sports & college mix from the 80s-present day. Our mystery box is perfect for vintage & retro clothing resellers looking for exclusive and hard-to-find items at an unbeatable price & understands the nature of buying secondhand clothing. You will find a mix of retro and vintage pieces. This mix includes NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA sports team pieces & college sports pieces from America's most popular sports teams. Find a combination of vintage sports pieces and retro sports pieces, including retro & vintage NBA pieces, retro & vintage NFL pieces, retro & vintage MLB pieces, and retro & vintage NHL pieces.  

Retro and vintage sports pieces will never go out of style as long as football, baseball, hockey, and basketball games are still played on our field and in our stadiums, including massive sporting events like playoffs, championship games, and tournaments. From the Denver Broncos and Ohio State to the Knicks, Wolverniers, Cubs, and LSU Tigers - we love professional & college sports and all the teams representing our turf. So get the best with our thrifted pieces from decades of sporting events. As "Wayne Gretzky famously said, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take." So get your Thrift Vintage Fashion order in today and score big!

Pro Sports & College Mixes: We have other Pro Sports & College Mixes, including our 3-piece Mystery Pro Sports & College Bundle, or 5-25 Piece Wholesale Pro Sports & College Mix.

Whats in your bulk box

Each bundle contains 50, 100, or 200 pieces. There's no telling what you'll get in the bundle each time you order! You will find retro and vintage pieces in this Bulk bundle


These mixes come in mixed sizing, mens sizes S-XL with a tiny percentage being XS or 2XL+.

Unisex Styling

Most of these styles are originally made for men but are commonly worn today as unisex.


Unless specified all mixes follow:

Grade A 85% -/+

Grade B 15% -/+

Grade C 0%

Grade A: Items are considered near perfect condition and may include
washable or hardly noticeable stains. We do not launder any of our
clothing and do our best to trash or donate any items we deem

Grade B: Items include fashionably distressed, small holes,
and stains that may or may not come out in the wash. You may find some items with cracked graphics, pilling and normal wear and tear since many of these items are over 15+ years old.

Grade C: Items may include holes larger than a pin hole, stained, cracked or worn away graphics. This grade is mainly to salvage for up-working or recycling clothing into new pieces.

All wholesale mixes larger than 10 pieces get up to 10% premium vintage in their order.


All our clothing is pre-owned and, in most cases, 15+ years old. We do not launder any of the clothing prior to resale. We recommend washing before wearing any of our garments. Some of our used clothing may have minor holes, stains, fading, or snagging of fabric



Its always top priority for us to get every order out within 1 business day! For U.S. orders we typically use UPS and for international orders we use Fedex. Both services take 3-5 business days to arrive and in many cases come even sooner! Through decades of shipping with these two carriers, we have established some of the best rates in the industry, especially while shipping overseas.

We update our website inventory daily to minimize delays or back orders. In the rare event items are ordered before showing sold out, there may be a slight waiting period of a few days. If there is a significant waiting period on items in your order, you will be notified via email with an ETA and offer to switch items out for another category. If you choose not to wait we can always issue a full refund.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL (No Exceptions). Vintage items are sold "As is." No refunds or exchanges are permitted. If your purchase has been damaged during shipping, or we have committed an error on sizing or pack, please contact us within 72 hours of receipt so we can submit a claim and resolve the issue. We don't accept returns/exchanges due to dissatisfaction with styles or fit. If we make a mistake (too many damaged items/wrong category), contact us with photos, and we'll fix it. Canceled orders are subject to a 10% restocking fee; unauthorized returns also incur the same charge. No returns/exchanges past 30 days accepted.


Where does the clothing come from?

The simple answer to that is: “its mostly donated clothing.” Most of it originally comes from the larger donation companies like Goodwill and Salvation Army while a smaller percentage comes from private donation companies and charities. These donation companies usually keep a small percentage of the clothing they receive to sell retail in their own thrift stores while selling off the vast majority of it to rag dealers who then resell the mixed used clothing by the container to different countries all over the world. Its also worth noting that American used clothing is a highly coveted world commodity due to many factors such as the popular brands, style, quality and the sheer quantity available. 

Is all the clothing guaranteed vintage (15+ years and older)?

Our company is called Thrift Vintage Fashion for a specific reason, we specialize in offering a wide variety of second hand clothing geared towards a “vintage fashionable look”. We do not guarantee that every garment will be 15 years or older unless the category specifies “vintage” in the title, as in our “vintage graphic t-shirts” and “vintage graphic sweatshirt” categories.

The amount of authentic vintage product in each mix varies by the category. When ordering wholesale, please visit each category's product page for a full description and example pictures of what to expect in the mix. While most categories contain anywhere from 60-90% vintage, the Rock and Harley tees include very few if any vintage pieces from the 80s/90s, most will be repros or from the 2000s. Please contact us with any questions regarding what to expect in a mix.

What grade is the clothing?

All of our mixes contain secondhand clothing in grade A condition (no major holes or stains) with up to 15% grade B (minor stains, holes or rips). We caution all buyers that this is used clothing and may contain some minor wear and tear. We do not launder or manufacturer the garments. Many items are 20-30 years old making it nearly impossible to offer a perfect product free of any blemishes. With that being said, we do pride ourselves on sending out consistent quality mixes for all orders big and small.

How are the items selected for orders?

Just like our grade quality, we take great pride in the selection of our clothing. We employ highly trained clothing graders in our warehouse who pull items from each category a random basis. In order to maintain the highest integrity in our mixes we do not allow any handpicking or purchasing of “premium” items from any categories. This is how we have operated since day one and will continue to work this way in fairness to all customers big and small.