This Week's Highlights: Inspirations from the Resale World

This Week's Highlights: Inspirations from the Resale World

Recently, I started subscribing to James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter, which I highly recommend you check out. Inspired by his approach, I decided to create my own version this week. Here’s what I’m sharing:

  • Three businesses in the resale space that excite me (and why)
  • Two hot takes I just need to get off my chest
  • One piece of advice that changed my approach to business

Three Businesses in the Resale Space

Not A Thrift Store

These guys have the most electric social following. When they roll into town, it’s basically Beatlemania. They clearly resonate with their audience. To the Not A Thrift Store team: We’d love to host you if you ever make your way to Miami.

Americana Pipedream

These guys found a niche and absolutely demolished it. Combat gear has never been my thing, but their marketing has me ready to break through a brick wall to get some for myself. They quickly gained traction through smart use of social media and a fresh, Gen Z-focused marketing strategy. They exemplify how creativity, community, and sustainability can converge to create a successful and impactful business.

Apparel Impact

I recently met with Joe at Apparel Impact, and it was fascinating to learn about their mission. They are a family and veteran-owned textile recycling business focusing on reducing landfill waste and supporting local communities. They provide clothing recovery bins for businesses, schools, and municipalities, facilitating textile recycling and community support. With over 1,350 partners, they have recycled millions of clothing items and helped thousands of people and families through various outreach programs and partnerships. For more information, visit their website.

Two Hot Takes

Hot Take 1: Donating Clothes is Actually Bad

Donating clothes might seem like a noble and environmentally friendly act, but it often does more harm than good. A significant portion of donated clothing ends up in landfills or is shipped overseas, disrupting local economies and creating waste problems in other countries. We need more honest conversations about the pitfalls of donating to find truly better solutions.

Hot Take 2: Greenwashing is Rampant Across All Brands

Making something with 10% recycled fiber does not save the planet. The large mega-corporations, which are the largest contributors to textile waste, now try to pretend like they are green eco-warriors. It’s frustrating and disheartening to see such blatant greenwashing.

One Piece of Business Advice

Providing Value is the Key to Growth

Providing value is the most important thing for growth. Constantly question and interrogate your business practices, and ask yourself, "Am I providing real value for this customer?" Push yourself to ensure that every aspect of your business is centered around delivering genuine value.


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