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      Minimum of 100+ pieces per category

      I'm Ryan and we are here to bring the best wholesale experience for everyone of our customers. When you fill out your request form, your message goes directly to me. From there we build your order custom to you and the needs for your store, e-store, boutique, or your own wholesaling.
      With 20 plus years in the Vintage Fashion business, we remain the most trusted resource in the industry available for both sourcing and shipping worldwide.
      We know whats happening in the industry and what you will need and when!


      Our process begins with us sourcing top trending vintage items by the container from both domestic and international rag houses sorting through 100% American donated clothing. Our long term relationships with these rag houses give us the ability to become a steady source of vintage clothing since the early 90s for the world’s leading vintage clothing retailers; some big names include Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, LF Stores, Glassons and many more.

      We use a specific formula when packing orders mastered by our experienced in-house vintage graders. We ensure each order contains a diverse quality mix within each category, helping our wholesale clients achieve maximum profitability for decades.


      All of our clothing is grade A quality with a small percentage of grade B, we typically allow for up to 15% grade B per mix. Grade A items are considered near perfect condition and may include washable or hardly noticeable stains. We do not launder any of our clothing and do our best to trash or donate any items we deem unsellable. Grade B items include fashionably distressed, small holes, and stains that may or may not come out in the wash. You may find some items with cracked graphics, pilling and normal wear and tear since many of these items are over 20 years old. (Reference grading specs page).

      Each category includes mixed adult sizing XS-2XL+ with a majority being mens size M-XL range. We may consider some youth size L or XL to be adult size XS/S depending on the fit. We may be able to work with a broad range of size specs upon request but please understand our wholesale mixes always come in mixed sizes.

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      We offer wholesale on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim categories in quantities of 50 or more pieces per category. All categories contain a mix of vintage (15+ years old) and modern items. The ratio of vintage to modern varies with each mix but you can expect to receive at least 50% vintage items from all of our mixes. Some contain a higher percentage of vintage, feel free to contact us for more details on what to expect in each mix. Our “Vintage graphic t-shirt” and “Vintage Graphic Sweatshirts” mixes contain 100% vintage items.

      Each custom quote is based on quantity and variety of categories in your order. The more variety of categories you order, the more we can work with you on a discounted custom quote. If you are new to vintage, we have endless experience in the biggest vintage fashion trends and we are happy to assist you on any questions you may have on stocking up your store.


      We pride ourselves with the fastest and most affordable shipping in the industry. We pack and ship all orders that come in the same business day before 2pm EST. We ship with Fedex International to all countries outside of the US which takes anywhere from 3-5 business days to arrive. We have plenty of experience with customs declaration and import duties for our customers overseas so if you have any questions, just ask! Domestic US orders ship with UPS and take between 1-4 days to arrive.


      Our motto has always been “Our client’s success is our success”.
      Its our mission to grow with our clients! There is nothing more satisfying than watching our clients grow their businesses into thriving vintage outlets helping share all the beautiful benefits that vintage has to offer.